It is always the dream of every individual to rise above all adversities in life and what better avenue it is to have education at its best.

Dalandanan National High school strictly adheres to DepEd’s vision and mission. It aims for the highest academic excellence through the concerted efforts of all stakeholders. It creates the atmosphere for acquiring knowledge and developing skills enriched by moral values.

The school gives teachers the opportunity to hone continued professional growth through ongoing professional development, evidence-based practices, coaching and mentoring, and collaboration to ensure quality teaching and learning process. Further, the school learns to adapt to the change, to the evolution of education. In addition, the school prepares students to globalization and modernization by nurturing academically-equipped and God- fearing individuals.

`      Also, parents play a vital role in developing the whole being of their children. Teachers, together with those parents, share responsibilities in capacitating the students to become independent and responsible citizens of the country.

 I encourage all stakeholders to orchestrate to move as one towards a common goal – a quality service, a quality education for all Valenzuelanos.


Ronald A. Trono

Principal IV